Miguel Iglesias

Full Name: Miguel Iglesias

Birth Date: 1986

Birth Place: Galicia-Spain

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 186 cm/6'1.5


Biography: Miguel Iglesias is a Spanish shirtless model. Easy going, with a wicked sense of humor and devastatingly charming, Iglesias is one of the latest and the hottest young stars that emerged in the fashion scenes in 2009. His sharp masculine good looks has been described as ultra-sexy and his English is swept with a sharp sexy accent that makes him the new definition for male beauty.

In just a year in the modeling world, Iglesias has appeared in various campaigns such as "DSquared", "Giorgio Armani", "Ermanno Scervino", and "Dolce & Gabbana

Iglesias has since been seen on the pages of "Vogue" magazine, the cover of "Tetu" magazine and also the male model for an iPhone app, "Puma Index Guy

As of 2009, Iglesias is taking marketing for 1 year and hopefully starts his own business someday

In his spare time, Iglesias does a lot of running and swimming to stay in shape




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