Maiko Andara

Full Name: Maiko Andara

Birth Date: July 25, 1980

Birth Place: Sao Paulo-Brazil

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green/Brown

Height: 188 cm/6'2


Friends (M): Ignacio Valenti, Damon Wilis, Tony Dias, Josh Wald, Maximiliano Patane

Friends (F): Hilary R, Raquel Z, Natasha P, Dinara L, Shannan K


Biography: Maiko Andara was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a lanky, dark-haired teenager he was a basketball fanatic and dreamed of joining the NBA

Eight years ago, he was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People on the planet by People Magazine. Discovered while rollerskating on Venice Beach by photographer Barry King in 1998, he is the first male model ever to grace a magazine cover: Harper's Bazaar

Since then he has been featured on more covers and appeared in more magazines and been shot by more lensmen than any other male fashion model in the history of the industry

While it may surprise those who only know him through his photographs, Maiko is a genuinely nice guy an almost universally held impression. Maiko is to be simple: The Supermodel Beautiful Man but behind all this hides something even more beautiful. He's very close friend with "Ignacio Valenti" and they are a huge combination for Armani's campaigns or anyother great campaign too




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