Rodrigo Calazans

Full Name: Rodrigo Calazans

Birth Date: April 7, 1985

Birth Place: Brazil

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Height: 185 cm/6'1


Biography: Rodrigo is a Brazilian soccer player turned model. Calazans had spent his adult life playing soccer before he decided to take a different career path, modeling

Calazans made his modeling debut in 2007 in the popular online magazine Terra's "The Boy". The provocative feature and sexuality expressed in the photos draw a lot of attention from the public to his identity, and caused a dramatic increase in his popularity

In the following months, Calazans solidified his decision to become a full time model when he signed with a modeling agent and decided to trim down.With a new ripped body, Calazans quickly secured his big campaign yet -- as the new model for the "Butch 2009 Spring + Summer" swimwear line




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