Tom Warren

Full Name: Thomas Warren

Birth Date: January 14, 1990

Birth Place: Sevenoaks-UK

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 185 cm/6'1


Biography: Tom is an English model. Warren was first discovered in 2007 when he was shopping in Covent Garden and was approached by a scout with Models 1. He has had a phenomenal year since then

Warren's Renaissance full lipped beauty has clients such as "Pringle", "Benetton" and "Dolce & Gabbana" flocking to book this young English lad. Looks like Tom's plans for university are on hold as he conquers the fashion world

His favorite place is the sea; his favorite music is Indie and his favorite food is Thai. A dream trip for him is to travel South America. His hobbies include listening to his ipod and surfing




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