Samuele Riva

Full Name: Samuele Riva

Birth Date: July 24, 1981

Birth Place: Milan-Italy

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 186 cm/6'1.5


Biography: Samuele is an Italian model. He began his career as a model when little more than seventeen years old was discovered in a disco in Milan , where he worked. At the age of nineteen he obtained worldwide fame, after replacing David Fumero , as the main face of the advertising campaign of Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier , who saw him in the role of a sexy sailor of the past

Da quel momento la sua carriera subisce una svolta, diventando uno dei modelli più richiesti del mondo della moda . From that moment on, his career suffered a turning point, becoming one of the most popular models in the world of fashion .Lavora per le più importanti e note firme, come Armani Jeans , Custo Barcelona , Gianfranco Ferré , Moschino , Versace Classic , Pignatelli , Rocco Barocco e Jean Paul Gaultier , inoltre appare sulle copertine e in servizi fotografici per testate come L'Uomo Vogue , GQ , Arena Homme + e molte altre. He works for the most important and known names such as Armani Jeans , Custo Barcelona , Gianfranco Ferre , Moschino , Versace Classic , Pignatelli , Rocco Barocco and Jean Paul Gaultier , also appears on the covers and in photo shoots for magazines like L'Uomo Vogue , GQ , Arena Homme + and many more

In 2001 , after finishing their studies and they graduate, was elected model year.  He continued his career as the face for Giorgio Armani and Versace . Nella pubblicità è stato protagonista di uno spot per la fragranza di Christian Dior l' Eau sauvage , sempre per la stessa maison appare al fianco di Monica Bellucci nello spot televisivo per il rossetto Rouge Dior . The advertising was involved in a commercial for the fragrance of Christian Dior 's Eau Sauvage , always for the same house appears alongside Monica Bellucci in the TV commercial for lipstick Rouge Dior. Appare nello spot della Volkswagen Touran con ParkAssist. Appears in the spot of the Volkswagen Touran Park Assist with




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